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Active Guard Mattress Liner by Hospi-tel

Bed bugs can hide and evade even the top pest control experts best efforts. Management programs usually require several visits and all it takes is one newly introduced pregnant female bed bug or several missed eggs to restart the infestation cycle. In situations with regular turnover, rooms are constantly challenged with new bed bug introductions; these pests are notorious hitchhikers!  Once an infestation establishes, these bugs are incredibly difficult to eradicate! Thats why ActiveGuard is such a powerful tool. Breathable, soft, comfortable and undetectable by guests, ActiveGuard technology will actually kill newly introduced bedbugs continuously and significantly reduce the frequency of bed bug incidents preventing against infestation while protecting your bedding assets. Just 4 sizes (King, Queen, Full/Double, Single/Twin) that fit extra length and deeply sized mattresses and box springs

  • Category: Mattress Protection
  • Brand: Hospi-Tel