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Fibertone Twill Ribbed Stripe Pool Towel by 1888 Mills

Experience the unique modern ribbed stripe design of these new 1888 Mills pool towels. Soft & absorbent with an intimate blend of cotton and polyester that gives Fibertone a soft hand and superior absorbency. Color will not fade: The Fibertone™ method holds up to harsh chemicals and sunlight. Color will not bleed: Fibertone™ Colors will not transfer or crock when in contact with other surfaces. Color Control: The Fibertone™ color will always be the same, from item to item, batch after batch, and year after year.

  • Classic Cabana Stripe
  • Bleach Safe Fibertone Technology
  • Made in the USA
  • 30"x60"
  • 21 Lbs/Dz
  • Category: Fibertone Twill Ribbed Stripe Pool Towel
  • Brand: 1888 Mills