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Sweet South Towel Collection by 1888 Mills

 100% grown, woven and sewn here in the USA! The Sweet South Towel Collection is the ultimate American towel line.

  • 100% Long Staple Cotton Loops. 
  • 100% Grown, Woven and Sewn in the USA!
  • Jewel of the Cotton Belt Cotton From Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.
  • Eduraweave™ Construction for Superior Performance and Durability.
  • Elegant Double Frame Border Bathmat. 

This collection is available in: 

  • 30x60 20 lb/Dz. Bath Sheet
  • 27x56 17 lb/Dz. Bath Towel 
  • 27x54 15 lb/Dz. Bath Towel 
  • 16x30 4.5 lb/Dz. Hand Towel 
  • 13x13 2.0 lb/Dz. Washcloth 
  • 22x34 10.0 lb/Dz. Bathmat 
  • Category: Sweet South
  • Brand: 1888 Mills